SeTracker 2 User Manual


To get started with the use of SeTracker2, you must start signing up.

1. Open the SeTracker2 application

2. Select a language (We recommend English)

3. Select "Register"

4. Registration Code: Scan QR code, or enter number
5. Account: Enter username for App

6. Nickname: Enter username on the watch eg. the child's name

7. Phone: Your phone number, if you forget password

8. Password: Login code between 6 - 12 characters
9. Confirm Pwd: Repeat code
10. Language: Select the area "Europe and Africa"

11. Press OK

You are now ready to log in to the application.


12. Enter "Account" username from point 5

13. Enter "Password" from point 8
14. Select Auto Login

This means that you will be logged in automatically in the future.

Note that, the login information can be reused on multiple phones so both parents or grandparents can access.

IMPORTANT! Once a watch is registered in the application (point 4), it can not be removed again. In this case, you must contact us for deletion.


Once logged in, this will be the startup image you see.

This is an overview of all registered watches, where you can see the primary clock, see nearest location address, time of latest update, and battery indicator for the watch.

The watch position is based on 3 different methods.

1. GPS: Most accurate outdoors, as GPS satellites are used.

2. Wi-Fi: Relatively accurate both indoors and outdoors. Here the clock uses the wi-fi network to find a position.

3. LBS: relatively accurate, as this is the GSM master used to find a position

Chat- and voice messages

It is possible to send both a text message and a voice message to the watch.

          For voice messages, select the speakerphone icon and hold "Start Record" while you speak the message. When you release the key, the message is sent.

For text messages, select the keyboard at the bottom left. (max 30 words).

Select primary watch

You have the option of switching between the watches registered in the application. This is only applicable if more watches are registered.


Via the menu you have access to several features, such as:
1. Fitness Tracker (Health)

2. Do not disturb period

3. Alarm clock (Alarm)

4. Alarm history (Alarm info)

5. Love Rewards

Fitness Tracker

It is possible to follow the child's physical activity during a day or how often the child is sleeping.

Pedometer setting

Here you enter settings for the Fitness Track, with the length of the child's step (cm) and weight (kg).


Sleep settings

Here you select a time period where the child sleeps

Do not disurb

This feature is especially suitable for the children of the institution, as parents can choose a time when the

clock can’t be called, for example. while the child is in kindergarten or school, so it is not disturbing for teaching.


For example, the

alarm can be set as an alarm clock in the morning, and alarm when the child is to go home from school.


Alarm historik (Alarm-info)

Here you can see a history of all alarms the watch

has broadcast. Has the child moved outside the GEO fence, taken the watch off, made SOS call or the watch is out of power.

Love Rewards

With this feature, you can as a parent send a heart to your child, and see how many the child.


Setup personal settings

Here it is possible to correct personal information about yourself.

Here you can switch between registered watches or add a new watch.

Change password


Choice og map

1. Standard

2. Satellit

3. Bus Map

Find Watchs location

Here zoomes in on the watch primary location

Overview of all watches

This is zoomed out so that all registered watches can be seen on the map

Footsteps: GPS History

Select a period of time for the history and press replay.

The child's route in the given interval is now displayed on the map.


Zoom in on the watch's location

This feature completely zooms in on the primary watch, showing the watches location, as well as other data


This safety feature ensures that parents always know the child's location.

By marking a location on the map, and with the - / + symbols, a radius of between 200-2000 meters is selected.

If the child moves outside the zone, the parent receives a text with time and coordinates.



Here you have the opportunity to browse. to choose which phone number to receive alarm call / sms when eg. The watch is taken off, is outside GEO fence or presses the sos button

on the watch.

SOS / family number

This number is called up when pressing the SOS button on the watch.

Voice Care

When you enter a number and press OK, you will be contacted by the watch, and it is now possible to listen to what is being said around the watch.


Operating mode

Normal mode: We recommend Normal mode, which updates GPS location every 10 minutes. The clock battery time is approx. 1-1? day.

Saving mode: Updating GPS location takes place every hour. The clock battery time is approx. 3-5 days.

Follow mode: Updating GPS location takes place every minute. The clock battery time is approx. ? -1 day.

SMS Alert

Here it is possible to enter the number, which will receive sms at low battery, sos and when the watch is taken off.

Phone Book

Numbers entered here will allow the child to access immediately from the watch.

There is room for about 10 phone numbers.


Language and Time Zone

Select the given time zone for your country, and possibly summer time

Push switch

This is a built-in watch, via a sensor detects whether the clock is removed, thereby sending an SMS.

Remote Shutdown

Since it is a watch for children, the manufacturer has chosen that the child can not turn off the watch itself once it is configured.

The clock is switched off via this feature in the application.