Setracker device is offline


1- SIM card is no signal, suggest go outdoor to locate

2- Check If SIM card support 2G - GPRS internet

3- Check If SIM card internet GPRS is canceled

4- Check If SIM card is in debts(ran out of money)

5- Check If APN setting is correct ( This is 70% possibility)

6- Check if the IP is correct ( see below regarding IP address ), you can check IP by this SMS command: pw,123456,ts#
7- Check if the IMEI in the ts command is same as the IMEI labels in the product box ,  , you can check IMEI by this SMS command: pw,123456,ts#

Setracker waiting for authorized device

- change another SIM card ( to make the GPS watch understand you are a new owner ), set up APN, and reboot
- contact us

Setracker no networking equipment

Please update network setting or go for network detail inspection

Setracker device offline

- Please provide your network detail, include SIM card brand, result of pw,123456,ts#, our staffs will check and give solution

Setracker account reset
- You can reset by verify code by clicking "forget password", you can also contact us for help.

For further questions of Setracker2, please create ticket by email us. 

Setracker2 starts to support body temperature monitoring GPS watch.

IP and port for overseas servers:
Hong Kong: ip,,8001#
Europe and Africa: ip,,8001#
Asia and Australia: ip,,8001#
North America: ip,,8001#
South America: ip,,8001#

-         Forgot password

Consumers can retrieve their passwords via email. If they fail, the agent can reset the app password. Agents log in with an administrative account to find the device and reset the app password.

-         . No scan code, reset IMEI number

SMS setting IMEI number: pw,123456, imei, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # (x represents the number of 15-bit IMEI number)

-         . Set language and time zone (need to know the language and local standard time zone)

SMS settings: pw, 123456, lz, x, y # ((x stands for languages ​​0 and 1, 0 for English, 1 for Chinese, and y for time zone) For example: pw, 123456, lz, 1,8 # This instruction represents Set the language to Chinese and the time zone to East 8

Setracker2 App can also set the language and time zone, when the watch is connected to the server.

-          Phone call restricted

The watch can make a phone call from a mobile phone, but the reason why the mobile phone call failed is as follows:

.1 The card in the watch does not have a caller ID turned on, and you need to turn on caller ID feature.

.2 There is a caller ID but the number has opened a home network short number. Before using this sim card, you must first confirm whether the caller ID is a complete phone number or a short number. After confirming, the app sets the corresponding number, otherwise, the watch will not recognize the display inconsistency Number.

.3 The app checks to see if the non-disturbed time is set and the call cannot be made during the DND time

.4 Some models do not have a phone book. If the watch does not support the phone book but the app sets a phone book number, the number inside cannot be entered into the watch.

- Setracker 2 cannot register

A. Prompt that the device number does not exist: because the id number is not added in the backend, the customer can provide the id number to the supplier, and can re-register after adding in the background.

B. Prompt that the device number has been registered or the account has been registered: id and account name is unique and cannot be repeated. After registering once, you cannot register for the second time. You need to register again to provide the id to the supplier for restoration.

C. Waiting for authorized: you need to set up APN and reboot the device, add the device again,

. Or change another SIM card that makes the system think you are a new user, set up APN , reboot the device, add device again.,


-          Agents must use the management account for device restoration and device allocation, and establish subordinate agents

For specific operations, please refer to the platform management account documentation

-  Things that must be confirmed in the country for watches abroad

A. Confirm the apn information of the sim card used by foreign customers (apn information is obtained by the customer asking the operator of his sim card) After checking it, send it here to verify whether it needs to be set.

B. Is there any restriction on the IMEI number in the corresponding country (for example, there is a restriction in India, the customer must provide a valid IMEI number), if there are restrictions, the customer must provide the available IMEI number

C. The watch must download the foreign software and write the IMEI number

-  The watch has no GSM signal

The watch only supports gsm cards. It is recommended to use a mobile card in China. Do not use Unicom and Telecom (not supported). There is no problem with the card. There is no signal. The antenna may not be assembled. A hardware check must be performed and it can be returned to the agent.

-         . The device does not locate correctly

The watch generally starts the GPS every 10 minutes if you choose 10 minutes GPS interval as the working mode, and the intermediate GPS is in the sleep state. Customers need to locate in an outdoor open place. You can locate by the midpoint of the app map, and you can immediately turn on the GPS real-time positioning mode if the watch app is online.


-         Prompt during registration that the device number does not exist, you need to add it in the background


-  Registration prompts that the account name already exists, you need to change the account name and then register

-  If the mobile phone card has a short number package, it includes the family short number of 3 digits and the group short number of 5-6 digits.

Family short number type:

Install the card into the mobile phone before use, and see if your mobile phone displays a long number or a short number when dialing the watch card. If it is a long number, set the long number in the app, if it is a short number, set it to a short number . When calling, be sure to confirm the number displayed when the phone and the watch dial each other. This needs to be matched, otherwise the watch cannot recognize the phone number


 Use the mobile phone to send text messages to the watch when the watch time is not calibrated:

pw, 123456, ntpservers,,8089 # or pw, 123456, timecali #

-          Watch dial shows "Unable to connect."

1 The card in the watch is a flow card, which will make it impossible to dial

2 The signal of the watch is very poor, making it impossible to dial, such as the Unicom card will have this problem

3 The mobile phone signal where the mobile

         Setup APN for access to network

SIM card in some countries needs to setup APN before access to GPRS network; please contact your SIM card operator or check the website of the SIM card for the APN information.





Setup APN



Example (manually send the following SMS from mobile phone to GPS locator )

After you send SMS, feedback will return SMS to you as following

pw,123456,APN,APN name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

If your APN,

user name=wap, password=wap, MCC=730, MNC=02,

then you can send this SMS to your GPS Locator: pw,123456,apn,,wap,wap,73002#;user:wap;passwork:wap;userdata:73002.


Use your mobile phone, send the above SMS command to the GPS tracker SIM card. After you send the SMS command, please check if you get a setup success replied SMS from GPS locator.

Command format:

pw,123456,apn,apn name,user name,password,MCCMNC#

Example: BSNL SIM card, the APN name is bsnlnet, user name null, password null, MCC=404, MNC=80

Then send sms command: pw,123456,apn,bsnlnet,,,40480#

(Note: If the user name and password is null, you still need to leave it blank and keep the comma character as above)

APN will set successfully after you get the reply SMS from GPS locator.

Note: Each operator’s APN information is different, please contact the operator for their APN and MCC, MNC information, thanks.

How to connect setracker watch to internet

1- Set up APN (refer to FAQ)

2- Register APP account ( pls choose the correct server around your country)

3- Scan to add QR code

4- Reference video instruction:

Download setracker for PC

- There is no PC version setracker for consumer at the moment
- contact us

Setracker device offline

- Please provide your network detail, include SIM card brand, result of pw,123456,ts#, our staffs will check and give solution

How to change time on setracker watch
- Setup language and timezone pw,123456,lz,x,y#
for example:pw,123456,lz,0,8#
x=0&1 stands for language,1 for Chinese,0 for english,y for timezone
- Setup in the APP